Barimicro @ Bari LA Pop Up


Class: Barimicro – Update: as of 2016, it looks like Bari is no longer doing an LA pop-up. However, its Newport location is still on ClassPass.

Location: West Hollywood (Pop up at Hollywood Dance Center)

Work-out: Conditioning Hybrid

Difficulty: Level 3.5

Next day soreness: 2

Duration: 55 min

Sweat Level:💧💧A little dewy

Parking: Free on side streets

Amenities: Resistance band provided for class, but it’s pretty minimal in terms of amenities since it is a pop-up location

Requirements for class: Wear sneakers, bring a mat, water and a towel (optional on the towel)

Contrary to what you might think, this class is not a barre class. It’s more of a hybrid toning/conditioning class that uses a resistance band. Half the class was done standing up and half was done on a folded over yoga mat. The micro class was fine, but I’m really curious to see what their other classes are like – including barimacro and baribounce (which focuses around a trampoline.) Unfortunately, Bari only has permanent studios in NYC and Newport Beach at the moment so it doesn’t look like I’ll be finding out anytime soon.

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