Yoga Sculpt @ AZIAM Yoga


Class: Yoga Sculpt

Location: AZIAM Yoga Brentwood

Work-out: Yoga

Difficulty: 3.5

Next day soreness: 2

Duration: 75 minutes with optional extended meditation session after the 75 minutes

Sweat Level: Moderately sweaty

Parking: Free validated parking at Brentwood Towne Center, NOT to be confused with Brentwood Country Mart which will charge you $5. If confused, be sure to ask the parking attendant and be very clear where you’re going.

Amenities:  swag for purchase

Requirements for class: yoga mat, towel

AZIAM is the perfect combo of athletic yoga and spiritual yoga. The space is very zen (it used to be Maha Yoga) and during the day it is filled with light. This particular class used weights and gliders to incorporate sculpting into the yoga poses, and Alanna (my instructor) had us hold balancing poses and stretches throughout the vinyasa. The room was heated to 85 degrees. The yoga portion lasted an hour and then we ended with a few long stretches and savasana for the last fifteen minutes. It was also nice because she played a recorded sound bath for the last fifteen minutes of class, which transitioned into a meditation period that you had the option to stay for.

I very much enjoyed the class and felt challenged, but also very relaxed and peaceful afterwards (that is, until I had to deal with the parking situation and the attendants who misled me to park in the wrong lot). But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I also noticed that the studio offers other classes you might not find at your normal ClassPass yoga studio, such as Soundbath, Meditation, Flow and Roll, etc. and I will definitely be back to check those out.

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