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These days, it seems like everywhere you turn, there is a new live workout or fitness streaming service happening, and if you’re like me, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which workouts you should commit to and how many subscriptions you should try and remember to cancel later.

Just like I loved having the variety do doing different workouts IRL, I also discovered that I like a little variety in my virtual workouts too, so I have been trying a bunch of different online workouts at home during the last month of quarantine/unemployment and rounded out some of the best and my favorites for you below. So let’s get to it!

Single best 35 minute full body cardio workout:

Megan Roup x Pop Sugar Full Body Cardio Workout

I will just warn you that this is a dance cardio workout (for those who might not love to dance), but it is pretty basic and very easy to follow along, and 110% worth your time and effort. There is a warm-up, a dance cardio portion, an arms portion with weights, a legs portion with gliders, a killer plank series that somehow gets harder every time I do it, and you finish with another cardio session and a quick stretch. The entire video is 35 minutes but I am dripping and out of breath every single time after. I have done this video at least 4 times now in the past month and it has not gotten one bit easier. In fact, some days it even seems harder than the first time. If I can only do one workout for the rest of quarantine, this would be it.

Megan Roup also has an app called The Sculpt Society that is offering a 14 day free trial. The benefits of joining the app is you can set weekly and monthly programs for yourself to keep yourself accountable and track progress.

Best Collection of Free Workout Videos with the Industry’s Best Trainers:

Active by Popsugar is currently free to everyone without needing to sign up for a trial or subscription! This has the best collection of videos from the best trainers across the country and across different workouts. I’ve done great dance cardio workouts to boxing to sculpting workouts and every video leaves me feeling super accomplished. The interface is also great for tracking progress and there are daily and weekly programs you can do to keep you accountable. I’ve found this to be the best free platform out there right now!

Best Instagram workout:

I first did a workout with one of the trainers at Train with Danny at Revolve Social Club a while back, which is how I became familiar with Danny. I then did one of his Instagram workouts with @Cococuenco recently and OMG it was killer! It was full body incorporating 2 rounds of 3 different circuits in which I got in cardio, endurance, upper body, lower body and stretching and wanted to pass out by the end. He’s currently doing 1-2 30ish-minute live workouts with different influencers per day, and you can access those videos on the influencer’s profile for up to 24 hours.

Danny is also accepting new clients for his virtual training sessions, which are about 45 minutes long, and judging by these instagram live workouts, I already know his one on one sessions will be even more killer.

Best at-home yoga:

Corepower Yoga (Free Flows)

Corepower on demand has been the most consistent class at home experience, and they have made it extremely easy to do their classes at home. The site can be casted to your TV, and has an app, or can be done right on the site on any device.  Corepower has a paid subscription service, but for those wanting to try it out for free without having to subscribe or enter any credit card information, you can follow the link above to get a sample of all of their classes in 30 and 60 minute formats. I have done several of the sculpt classes, C2 and Hot Power Fusion, and these are almost as good as being in the studio. I say almost because my space heater doesn’t get as hot as the studios, but the classes are definitely challenging and make you feel accomplished after. The free videos rotate through every week, so you can’t continuously do the same one (which is good and bad) but if you subscribe to Corepower’s on demand service, you have many more options to choose from, and can continue to take the same class if you find a format and instructor you like.

This is also a great way to sample Corepower classes if you have never tried the studio or some of the formats. I do Corepower at home at least once a week and always get a good sweat out of it.

Best Offering of Boutique Fitness Studios All in Once Place (with a great dashboard!):

I didn’t know about Jetsweat Fitness until I saw a promo for it via Gilt, but when I looked at the workouts they offered, I knew I had to try it immediately! So, I got a 2 month trial to JetSweat Fitness for new customers and got instant access to workouts from some of NYC, Chicago and SF’s hottest boutique fitness studios. Use code “Jetsweat” for 1 month free or  “GLT7556” at sign up to get 2 months free (the 2 month code may be expired, but give it a try)! There are set programs you can do for weeks or months, or choose your own plan. The platform even tells you how many calories you’ve burned after doing parts or whole videos. The tech on this plaform is great, and like Corepower, you can cast to your TV or do the videos via any device through its site. What got me most excited was the selection of studios offered, which include Modelfit, Bodyrok, Bari, Salt, Fhitting Room, Solace and more.

Another platform good for a variety of workouts:

Obe Fitness is another platform that offers a lot of different options. They have classes that range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, and can be targeted workouts or full body. I did a 45 minute kickboxing workout and it wasn’t the hardest class I’ve done, but it was a good sweat (hey, you can’t always go all out all the time). They’re offering a 7 day free trial, but if you input the promo code “Carbon38” at checkout, you can extend your free trial to a month.


If you’ve tried any other platforms or have one to share, please let me know!!

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