Hot TRX @ Sweatheory


Class: Hot TRX

Location: Hollywood

Work-out: TRX, circuit/strength training

Difficulty: 4.5

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 45

Sweat Level: Drenched

Parking: Street parking (which is a little tricky in Hollywood!)

Amenities:  Reverse osmosis alkaline water fountain, mineral shots after class, swag for purchase

Requirements for class: No shoes and bring a water bottle; mats and towels are provided!

This is definitely one of the coolest studios I’ve tried on Classpass – and although it is allllll the way in Hollywood, I will definitely be going back. First off, the studio is this gorgeous, trendy, wooden space that has vitamin IVs and injections, infrared sauna sessions, angel card readings, reiki, crystal healing, body sculpting, cold pressed juices and more. There are about 5 little shower and sauna stations for when you want to go in for a private little detox session. They also have packages that offer a combination of their services, including something called the Ziggy Stardust which is an hour of crystal and reiki healing.

The fitness classes are located in a small infrared heated room with a Himalayan salt wall. There were 6 people total in my class today and you could maybe fit one more person in there without it being totally crammed, so class size is small. The workout itself started on the mat with a warm up with hand weights and then some upper and lower body sculpting circuits. Then, the intense TRX portion takes over the second half of the class. You’re suspended in the TRX for a good 15-20 minutes, working on mostly your core. There were different variations of plank holds, plank to pikes, TRX crushes, mountain climbers and we finally ended with some TRX squats with arm pulls. Luckily it was only 45 minutes and the class ended with a stretch. The room was at 110 degrees, but the instructor Serryndipity, kept delivering lavender towels throughout. It was a killer class, but I feel so good after. The only downside was that there is only one bathroom and there was no locker room with showers for post sweaty workouts, so plan accordingly!

The studio also offers traditional hot power yoga, deep heat stretch classes, yoga nidra, reiki and crystal healing and more. I will most definitely be back to try all of the other stuff because I can’t get enough of this place!

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