Ballet Barre and Center @ Ballet Bodies

Ballet Barre and Center

Class: Ballet Barre and Center

Location: Weho

Work-out: Dance – ballet

Difficulty: Level 3 (2 for those with previous dance experience)

Next day soreness: 2

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level:💦 Moderately Sweaty

Parking: 4-car tandem lot in back/Street parking

Amenities: Water fountain and cups, swag and ballet shoes for purchase

Requirements for class: Wear tight-fitting clothes and ballet shoes if you have them. If not, socks/barefoot is fine.

I’ve been trying to get back to my dance roots and looking for a non-intimidating dance class. The class I took with Vanessa Dunn was just that. For people with previous dance experience, this will be more of a basic ballet class. For people new to dance, however, this will probably be a bit more challenging than the Ballet Basic class that is offered here. The majority of the class is barre work consisting of tendus, degagés, ronds de jambes and grand battements with a few balances and stretches. The last 10-15 minutes consists of some basic center work followed by a reverence.

I loved this class because it was a good dance workout that was not stressful. I got to work all the muscles I wanted to in order to develop leanness.  Also, the instructor does the moves with you the entire time. I only wish it were longer!

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