Beginning/Intermediate Jazz @ Studio Maesto

Studio Maesto

Class: Beginning/Intermediate Jazz

Location: Santa Monica

Work-out: Dance

Difficulty: Level 3.5

Next day soreness: 2

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level💦 Moderately Sweaty

Parking: Street Parking

Amenities: Water for purchase

Requirements for class: You can bring jazz shoes if you have them.

What I love about Studio Maesto is that they have real, technique based dance classes. I danced for over 10 years when I was younger and sometimes I really just want to take a dance class to fill that void in my adult life. I’ve taken Jazz and Hair, Hips and Heels at Studio Maesto, and both were fun. I would say Hair, Hips and Heels is less technique based so anyone can take it and have a good time.

I believe I had a sub (Lisa) for my jazz class, and the first bit of class was a stretch and a little across-the-floor work. However, you don’t need too much experience to get the hang of it. The dance routine we learned for that class was a chair dance and I loved it! It was a fun, energetic class rooted in technique so you are still learning proper form and moves. This class is good for someone looking to learn jazz as an adult and someone who has had previous dance training but haven’t kept it up but want to take a non-intimidating class here and there.

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