Abs & A$$ @ Carrie’s Pilates Plus


Class: Abs & A$$

Location: West Hollywood

Work-out: Megaformer Pilates

Difficulty: Level 4

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 50 min

Sweat Level💦💦 Sweaty

Parking: Underground lot for $2 with validation (enter on La Cienega) or metered parking

Amenities: Water fountain with cups, grippy socks for purchase

Requirements for class: Grippy socks or barefoot.

I finally made it to Carrie’s Pilates Plus for the last day of the #ClassPassChallenge. Let me start with the con: the front desk girl (Jocelyn?) was LESS than helpful. She was on the phone when I walked in so she didn’t say anything to me (or look at me), so I just initialed my name. I sat down and waited for her to be done with the phone, and then I told her that I was new and asked if she could give me a rundown of the studio. She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about and then handed me a waiver to fill out. She then got back on the phone and after waiting for a while and not having her acknowledge my presence or instruct me one way or another, I just went into the pilates room.

Luckily, the instructor (Kate Kuendal, subbing for Jessica Lee), asked if there were any first timers and seemed surprised when I said it was my first time because it wasn’t on the sign in sheet (surprise). Since I had used the Megaformer before at Studio MDR, there wasn’t too much of a learning curve. I really enjoyed the class – it was hard but not as hard as the MDR classes. Kate paid attention to form and corrected as she went along. I’ll come back, but hopefully won’t have to deal with the girl at the front in the future. From reading other reviews, it seems like she’s not really welcoming to other people either.

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