Bangin’ Body Boot Camp w/ JJ Dancer

JJ Dancer

Class: Bangin Body Boot Camp

Location: 3rd Street Dance in West Hollywood

Work-out: Dance Cardio Sculpt Hybrid

Difficulty: Level 5

Next day soreness: 2.5

Duration: 90 min

Sweat Level💦 💦 💦 Drenched

Parking: Metered Street Parking (there is a lot at 3rd Street Dance, but you can’t park in it)

Amenities: Mats, resistance bands and weights provided

Requirements for class: A BIG bottle of water, a towel and a mat if you want to use your own.

JJ Dancer is a professional dancer/celeb fitness trainer and I’ve been wanting to try her class for a while now. Her Bangin’ Body Boot Camp class is only offered every Sunday on Class Pass, and it is 90 minutes of full body intensity. I had doubts about whether or not I was going to last through the class but luckily I made it out alive.

The first half is 45 minutes of non-stop cardio dance. JJ does fast paced dance moves while the rest of the class follows along. You don’t have to do the dance perfectly, but you for sure have to keep moving the whole time. There is a lot of jumping, running, shaking and even leaping.  I definitely underestimated how hard this class was going to be (even though I watched the YouTube video). The class is very, VERY high energy and Jennifer (JJ) keeps you motivated with her spirit and her jokes! The second half of the class is muscle sculpting and toning, and you get a full workout from arms and abs to butt. (You’ve already worked your legs in the cardio portion). Jennifer will definitely whip your butt into shape (some of her clients include Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan Tatum) and even though I almost died, I’m planning on going back.

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