Class: GROOV3

Location: Various, permanent studio opening in Culver City June 6th, 2015

Workout Type: Dance

Difficulty: Level 2

Next day soreness: 1

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level: 💦💦Sweaty

Parking: Depends on location, though the new permanent studio may have a lot.

Amenities: None/Depending on location

Requirements for class: Bring water and wear sneakers

This is a feel-good class that will have you leaving in a good mood. The class is very high energy and both times I’ve taken it, the instructors have been amazing. It’s fun, it’s not intimidating like a lot of dance classes can be and it is a great cardio workout. I love GROOV3 because it is for dancers of all levels, but you still can learn and perform a legitimate routine and do a cardio workout without it being high impact. This is great for people who love to dance and who hate traditional cardio workouts. This has to be a the most fun class I’ve taken on ClassPass and it’s great to go with a group.

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