Fly 45 @ FlyWheel


Class: Fly 45

Location: West Hollywood (there’s also one in Larchmont)

Workout Type: Spin

Difficulty: Level 3

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 45 min

Sweat Level: 💦💦💦Drenched

Parking: Validated parking available in the building

Amenities: Lockers, showers, spin shoes and towels are complimentary.

Requirements for class: Bring water

Unlike most spin studios, Flywheel has a monitor on your bike that keeps track of your RPMs, resistance (referred to as torque in class) and Power output (the cumulative level of your workout). You’ll see how hard your worked and how you ranked compared to the riders next to you. There are positives and negatives to the monitor — I find myself very focused on making sure I’m on the right torque but at the same time I want to know how far I’ve gone and how many calories I’ve burned. The great music and instructors will keep your focus on the ride like Karen Maxwell. Get ready, no cruising allowed!

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