Classic @ CycleBar Weho


Class: Classic

Location: CycleBar West Hollywood

Work-out: Spin class

Difficulty: 3.5

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 45 min

Sweat Level: Sweaty

Parking: Lot on sunset to the left of the studio. $2 for 90 minutes with validation.

Amenities:  filtered water fountain, shoe rentals, towels, showers, lockers

Requirements for class: socks

I attended this class during CycleBar’s grand opening weekend and the studio is very nice. Erica E. was my instructor and she had an amazing playlist that helped motivate me during the ride (because I’m not a spin-class regular). This class was good for those who look to choose how hard to push themselves – which is definitely my type of spin class. The instructor gave you ranges for suggested resistance during each song, so everyone did not have to ride at the same level, which I appreciate because all of our bodies are very different. There was also a killer arm session during the class (and you had the option to choose a 4lb weight, a 6lb weight or use both). I chose 4 lbs and it was still extremely tough.

Another good thing about this class is, like Flywheel, they have a stats board that shows how you’re measuring up to others in the class. This is totally optional, but it tells you how many calories you’re burning, how fast you’re going, distance and revolutions per minute. I personally chose not to have my stats displayed on the class board, but they are still captured in your account and you get a summary of how you did in the class sent to your email. The class also ended with a stretch and a cold towel, refreshing!

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