Supraformer Class @ Lagree Fitness Studio

Lagree Fitness

Class: Supraformer

Location: Weho

Work-out: Reformer Pilates

Difficulty: 5

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 25 min

Sweat Level💦 Moderately Sweaty

Parking: Metered street parking

Amenities: Bathroom, water fountain

Requirements for class: pilates socks (though I’ve seen a few people do barefoot)

I had heard about Lagree Fitness prior to taking the class, so I was mentally prepared for the Supraformer. I was glad that the class was only 25 minutes because it went by quickly, but it was incredibly challenging. The machine is like a megaformer pilates machine, except it also tilts up and down on all four sides. The moves on the machine are like what you would do at a megaformer studio, such as donkey kicks, runner’s lunges, reading the paper, etc. However, after a few reps, the instructor will click a button on the remote and all the machines will automatically start to incline.

I was excited to take a class with Mr. Sebastian Lagree himself (who invented the Lagree method on Megaformer and Supraformer) and he did not go easy on us! At one point, there was a move where the machine was tilted up to the highest level (6), and we held on in our lunges with arms outstretched. You would definitely fall off and probably hurt yourself if you let go. My advice is, if you don’t think you can hold the positions when the machine is elevated, take the weight level down! Mr. Lagree saw me struggling at a few points and helped me decrease the spring weight, which is better than falling. The good thing is, he was good at spotting who needed assistance, since once you’re in the position, you can’t really move out to change the springs yourself. Also as a note – the second from the right machine in the row facing the mirrors is a prototype, so the spring loads may be a little different. If you feel like your springs are extremely heavy, I would check with the instructor to make sure you’re on the right ones because the colors on that one are different from the others.

Check this class out, it’s a super efficient 25 minutes and you will definitely be sore the next day! Also, if it’s your first class, the check-in desk is located in the back hallway, so be sure to go through the studio and sign in there.

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