Adult Jazz @ On the Edge Dance Studio

Jazz @ OTE

Class: Adult Jazz

Location: Culver City/Palms

Work-out: Dance technique

Difficulty: 3.5 for dancers, 4.5 for non-dancers

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 75 min

Sweat Level💦 Moderately Sweaty

Parking: Small lot (parking can be tight so you might need to circle around a few times, apparently there’s a lot behind the plaza as well, but ask the lot attendant)

Amenities: Bathroom/changing room, bring your own water (there might be some for purchase at the front desk)

Requirements for class: barefoot for warmup, jazz/ballet shoes if you have them

Kim Borgaro’s class is my favorite jazz class out of all the ones I’ve tried in LA. Kim’s class is the perfect technique-based class for non-professional dancers. I used to take her class years ago at YNS in Culver City, but due to mismanagement, Kim was unfortunately forced to leave and I was left without a fun, technique-based jazz class that both challenged me and was also non-intimidating. I’ve taken classes at Edge and other studios, but I found that Kim’s class is the perfect balance of fun, sassy and technical moves while in a judgment free zone.

If you’ve ever taken technique based classes when you were younger and love to dance and perform, this is the perfect class for you! Class starts with a warm-up, followed by a stretch and crunches and pushups. Next, there is a short center section of tendus, dégagés,pliés and passé balances. Then, you travel across the floor to do some technique work like grands battements, developés, chaine turns and pirouettes. Finally, class ends with a routine (as seen in the video above). Kim is a great instructor and caters to all levels (you can choose to do a single turn, a balance or triples if you’d like), but will challenge you to keep improving.

She also offers children’s classes at her studio (if you have kids) and also adult contemporary and ballet.

AND BONUS: She’s doing a recital in May and her adult jazz class gets to perform (if you choose to do)! So if you thought you gave up your childhood dreams of performing on stage, here’s your chance. Start going to class now to start getting ready!


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