Kickboxing @ All About Kickboxing

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Class: Kickboxing

Location: North Hollywood/Burbank

Work-out: Kickboxing

Difficulty: Level 3

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level:💦💦 Sweaty

Parking: Street parking/small lot

Amenities: Glove and wrap rentals, shower

Requirements for class: Bring water, and wraps and gloves if you have them

I ventured far outside of my normal hood to take this class with a friend. The gym was no frills (it reminded me of a garage) but the class was a good workout. It started with a cardio warmup, and then everyone got their own punching bag for the remainder of class. We did different punching and kicking drills. The class is oddly barefoot/with socks (though it could get slippery with socks) or you can wear special boxing shoes if you have them. We ended class with some partner work and a few plank holds.

The owner was very nice and the vibe was very unpretentious. The regulars of the gym were helpful and it was a great workout if you’re in the neighborhood. They even offer 30 min. lunch time classes for those trying to fit in a quick workout.

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