Speedplay 60 @ Speedplay BH

Speedplay LA BH

Class: Speedplay 60

Location: Beverly Hills

Work-out: Circuit Training

Difficulty: Level 4

Next day soreness: 3

Duration: 60 min

Sweat Level💦💦 Sweaty

Parking: Street parking or free 2 hour parking at the Beverly Hills Tennis Courts

Amenities: Water fountain, showers, fresh fruit

Requirements for class: Sneakers

Wow – I know I’m not the first person to say this, but the view is breathtaking. Especially during sunset. You get a full 360-degree panorama of the entire LA skyline, and it sure makes the workout a whole lot more enjoyable.

The class was a great full body workout, but kind of chaotic due to there being so many parts to it. We started with a circuit of 5 different workout stations, each had 2-3 different exercises for 6 minutes. Then, the second half of class was 4 different workout stations, each with 2-4 different workouts for 3 minutes. And then we finished with a stretch. The exercises incorporated use of machines like the rowing machine and the manual treadmill – which takes a little to get used to, and bosu balls, weights and mats. The chaotic part was that there was only one instructor for about 25 people and each group was doing something different and some people didn’t know how to reset the machines or didn’t remember what the exercise was since a lot of them were unique. The instructor was also calling out different exercises and pacing for each of the 5 groups. There was a lot going on, but I think if you come back often, it won’t be too hard to remember what you’re doing. I will definitely be back for that view!

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