Pointe Studio’s Sanity Not Vanity Series @ SoulCycle Manhattan Beach

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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to join Pointe Studio in its Sanity Not Vanity class at SoulCycle Manhattan Beach. Pointe Studio is an athletic sock brand specializing in cute grippy socks. This is the second class in heir #SanityNotVanity series, which is a free workout series and campaign with a great message:

A bit about it from Allie at Pointe Studio:

We are getting a little fed up with some of this unrealistic #fitspiration shit and are pretty bummed out that people are losing sight of the mental benefit of breaking a sweat everyday. Personally this has been a huge breakthrough for me. Working the brain is just as important as the booty in our minds. To combat this we have started doing pop up classes focused on the value of mental strength and empowerment- we have nicknamed it sweat therapy LOL.  You can read more about it here and here
To participate in future #SanityNotVanity events, be sure to follow Pointe Studio on social! Thanks for hosting such an awesome event with a great message! Now onto the review of the class.

Class: Soul 45

Location: The Point, Manhattan Beach

Work-out: Spin

Difficulty: Level 4

Next day soreness: 4

Duration: 45 min

Sweat Level💦 💦 Sweaty

Parking: Free lot at the Point

Amenities: Showers, shoes for rent and water/swag for purchase

Requirements for class: socks

This is SoulCyle’s newest LA location. The studio seats about 60 people and is conveniently located. Jake, my instructor, was one of the best SoulCycle instructors I’ve had. His energy was excellent and his class was just the right amount of challenging and motivating. I was even sore from doing the weight work the next day! I would definitely recommend checking out SoulCycle MB, and pre or post workout, there is plenty to do at the new shopping and dining center!

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